Sprint to 72 - July 1st through December 31st - Collect 72 RTB Workouts!

SOLO WEEK #12 - 9/16-9/20

RTB Team Fitness Games


30:01 On The Clock - How many points can you score?

Help your team accumulate as many points as possible by tackling movements in your wheelhouse, come in with a strategy, work your butt off for the entire 30:01 and help your team accomplish as much as possible!


September Team Fitness Games Coming Soon!

Contact your coach to find out your RTB Team Games Official Date!


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Ring The Bell Fitness Communities


Ring The Bell workout communities are built in schools through local community ed programs.  We use a wide variety of movements, routines and challenges based on the strengths of the coach, equipment available & spaces provided.  This is truly customized group fitness as there will be multiple workout options daily and eventually you will even find multiple options/pathways within each workout to help you achieve your goals! Each day finishes with a 3:00 Knockout Round Workout!  Choose daily from an Endurance workout or a Ring The Bell Strength Session.

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We want to hear from you!  If you have interest in becoming a Head Coach for an RTB Community, please email us today!  Join the movement that is changing the way group fitness is done!

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