RingTheBell Fitness is Housed in Schools and is for Everyone


Ring The Bell Fitness is for adults of all ages and ability levels!

Can you hang in there for a 3 minute knockout round workout?  RingTheBell Fitness Training is a blend of total body movements including; weight lifting, running, jumping and daily challenges for adults looking to be pushed in a group setting.  We use the equipment and space available at local high schools, we find great leaders and build the programming based on their strengths.  The goal is to keep the training exciting using high intensity intervals, camaraderie, nutritional support, planning and so much more to motivate members each month!  We offer multiple workout options daily and everyone closes with a 3 minute RingTheBell knockout round workout!

Everything we do can be modified to meet your needs.  

What is vLIT Training?

Think BIG, REALLY BIG!  This is interval training that allows you to switch gears of intensity at various prescribed spots in the workout.  That means that sometimes you will be pushing with everything you've got while other points in the workout the intensity will drop as the focus on form and fluidity will surface.  This format allows us to target various energy systems, goals for that specific workout and the parameters can be customized for each athlete.  We can also add a team component to push the excitement through the roof!

Lets take a closer look - 43:00 Workout

3 x 13:00 Rounds - 1:00 per Interval x 13 movements = 13:00 per round with a 2:00 REST in between rounds for a total of 43:00

:40 work / :20 Rest

Round 1- 3 burpees EMOM (every minute on the minute)

Round 2- 2 burpees EMOM

Round 3- 1 burpee EMOM

Lets say we  had 13 people, we would start 1 person at each station and rotate EMOM.  If we had more than 13 we would start 2 or 3 at each station, making sure to have enough equipment and space to accomodate that.

1- peg board climbs

2- box jumps

3- row

4- KB deadlift

5- bike

6- pull ups

7- GHD hollow hold

8- SKI

9- wall balls

10- plated step ups

11- toes to rings

12- DB snatch

13- rest

vLIT has 5 gears, which again you pre determine and can be different for each athlete.  You pick 3 stations to be the HIGH intensity stations.  When athletes arrive at that station they go all out and their number of reps will count toward the team score.  Have something for their score to be jotted down next to the station.  In this example we could choose the 3 machines and calories would be our metric.  At the conclusion of the round you will total up the scores from those 3 stations to get a team score.  Your goal is to beat your team score each round.

VLIT breakdown-

3 High intensity

3 Medium High intensity

3 Medium intensity

3 Low intensity

1 REST - no intensity

The high intensity movements should be burners, let it really rip kind of movements.  The low intensity should consist of a little more weight, more attention to detail, precision in form.  The other 2 categories allow for athletes to place according to their goals.  

We also set up the stations in a clockwise format so it is easy to move.  

PS- the burpees have to be done when the clock reaches the top of the minute before they can actually start the movement.  The period of rest is an actual minute of rest!

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