Blooming Prairie RTB ---Flower Power UP!

Registration INFO!


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You have a unique opportunity right now, you can be a building block of the Blooming Prairie Ring The Bell Fitness Community and help us launch this amazing fitness community for residents of the Blooming Prairie community.  All you have to do is bring your goals, a willingness to bust your butt everyday and a positive mindset to take on all of our challenges!  Each day you will get workout options, pick the one that is most beneficial for you.  

Registration is OPEN!! Contact Michelle at to sign up!! The fee for 8 weeks is $75. That's 32 sessions!!! Check out the Blooming Prairie RTB website here!! Ring the Bell is coming to Blooming Prairie and you don't want to miss out!! 

RTB Workouts are full of CORE Work & Variety!


Once we have coached and introduced a variety of movements, the programming will really start to grow and challenge you in ways that will empower you and leave you asking for more.  Tons of variety everyday, eventually you will have multiple workout options to choose from that help you meet your specific personal goals.  CORE work every day with a goal to have your workouts be high energy, keep your muscles guessing and keep you coming back for more.

Meet Head Coach Kari Bottin


My name is Kari Bottin.  I grew up in Red Wing, MN and have been teaching and coaching in Blooming Prairie for 14 years.  I coached track for 13 of those years and junior high volleyball for 3.  I have recently become passionate about my own fitness and am excited to take on the challenge of creating RTB workouts that strengthen my athletes every day!  I have always enjoyed lifting weights, competition, and a good workout, so I am excited to start with RTB!!

Take a look at the success other communities have with RTB, schools like Stewartville, Hayfield, KM, Byron, NRHEG and many more have flourishing RTB fitness communities that are helping so many people work on their health and fitness goals through exciting workouts that will challenge everybody and can be modified for anybody!