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Here you will find the workouts for each week located using the workout button below.  Initially we will all do the same workout but as our playbook expands and comfort levels rise the diversity will kick in with multiple options and more choice in your workout pathways!

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Ring the Bell Fitness--for Ages 18+
Looking for a high intensity, results driven workout community to join? Ring the Bell Fitness— will combine elements of the popular competitive fitness style training programs, including cardio, CORE, weightlifting with so much more. Workouts will be modified for everyone and will challenge all. You can look forward to high energy expenditure, tons of variety and new challenges every day. Instructor: Katrina Sobczak

Dates: M, T, Th, F
Times: 5-6 AM, (Doors Open 5:00 am for Warm-Ups, 5:10 am Workout, 5:55 am Cool Down)
Location: D-E HS Gym and Fitness Center
Fee: $75 Pay and Register today! - Link will take you to DE Community ED website for further info on how to 

Head Coach Katrina Sobczak


Head Coach Katrina Sobczak

Cell- 507-273-2482

1)  What are your favorite naughty foods?   reduced fat (cuz they are crunchier than regular) Chez-its and margaritas 

2)  What do you enjoy most about coaching?   I absolutely love seeing people work hard, be consistent and then see the results! Results can be inches lost, pounds lost, ability to lift heavier wt, ability to run farther, do more situps or see muscle definition.

3)  What are 2-3 fitness goals you are currently working on?   1. I want defined quads!  Quads you can see without me having to flex them:)   

2. Working on developing strength to achieve heavier back/front squats and thrusters.

4)  What equipment/space would you love to have for your athletes?   1. Ab mats  

2. 35 lbs barbells  

3. Wall balls

5)  Describe the feeling you get after completing a difficult workout?  📷