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Here you will find the workouts for each week located using the workout button below.  Initially we will all do the same workout but as our playbook expands and comfort levels rise the diversity will kick in with multiple options and more choice in your workout pathways!

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Ring the Bell Fitness--for Ages 18+
Looking for a high intensity, results driven workout community to join? Ring the Bell Fitness— will combine elements of the popular competitive fitness style training programs, including cardio, CORE, weightlifting with so much more. Workouts will be modified for everyone and will challenge all. You can look forward to high energy expenditure, tons of variety and new challenges every day. Instructor: Jessica Schmidt (past coach for Ring the Bell Fitness in Lake City)

Dates: M, T, Th, F
Times: 5-6 AM, (Doors Open 5:00 am for Warm-Ups, 5:10 am Workout, 5:55 am Cool Down)
Location: D-E HS Gym and Fitness Center
Fee: $75 Pay and Register today! - Link will take you to DE Community ED website for further info on how to 

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Head Coach Jessica Schmidt


Coach Schmidt comes to us from Lake City Tiger Kraze, she is excited to deliver tremendous variety, CORE based workouts that anyone can attack!  

Email -

Cell- 651-767-2436

Jess is originally from Lake City, Mn, she graduated from UMD with a degree in criminology. Started working at Mayo Clinic in 2016, shortly after she started having some minor health issues of her own she decided to change her lifestyle. She gained an appreciation for nutrition through evolv and with that came fitness. Jess believes that working out is more of a mental challenge than a physical one. It is truly remarkable what the human body can do with the right fuel and what the mind can do with a good support system. Coach Schmidt is excited to share her health and fitness journey in hopes to motivate others to also become the best version of themselves. It’s never too late to start.

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