Welcome to Eastview RTB Fitness - Head Coach Kyle Wahlund

Session 1 Kicks Off @ Eastview High School Fitness Center January 7th, 2019 @ 5:30 AM


At $37.50/mo we typically go 2 months at a time for an 8 week session running $75.  Workouts will be offered at 5:30 AM to avoid conflicts with family, kids, school sport teams and life.  Yeah getting up is hard but once your feet hit the floor, your life will change!

Workouts will be held M,W,Th each week, join us as often as you would like!  5:30-6:30 AM is our scheduled time but if you need to leave early for work we totally understand and will make sure you have the majority of the workout complete before you have to leave.

Tentative Session Schedule

Session 1- January 7th -February 28th (8 weeks)

Session 2- March 4th-April 25th (8 weeks)

Session 3- April 29th-June 20th (8 weeks)

What is RTB Fitness all about?


Ring The Bell Fitness workouts are full of variety, CORE focused, sweaty, creative and can be modified for all types of adult abilities and ages.  Expect opportunities to lift weights, get your cardio fix, work with challenging equipment and fitness schemes that you push everyone at their own pace.

We do Team challenges monthly, nutrition challenges that athletes can participate in and so much more to build our community Caledonia Strong!  This isn't a 1 time program or class, this is a true community that is being built to last!

A sample workout might look like this:

Active Warm Up - skipping, crawls, carries, bodyweight movements.

4:00 Tabata Ab Workout

Deadlift & HR Push Ups

6x3 w/ 12 HR push ups after each set of deadlift.  Form would be demoed before we start and coached during.

Endurance Workout - 20:00 AMRAP

1 Lap skipped in gym

20 air squats

20 Weighted Lunge Steps

Run to Weightroom

20 Push Press

20 Box Jumps

Each round subtract 4 reps.

Meet Head Coach Kyle Wahlund


Kyle is a Teacher & coach in District 196 and he is absolutely thrilled to be able to help adults reach their fullest potential as they travel through their health and fitness journey.  You've got a great coach here for you with Coach Wahlund!

Contact Kyle with questions at kyle.wahlund@district196.org