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Session 2 - Litchfield Ring The Bell Fitness

Session 2 - Litchfield Ring The Bell Fitness

Session 2 - Litchfield Ring The Bell Fitness

Session 2:  June 3 - August 30

M/W/F 5:30 AM - 6:30 AM - $115

You have a unique opportunity right now, you can be a building block of the Litchfield Ring The Bell Fitness Community and help us launch this amazing tribe for residents of the Litchfield community.  All you have to do is bring your goals, a willingness to bust your butt everyday and a positive mindset to take on all of our challenges!  Each day you will get workout options, pick the one that is most beneficial for you.  

Here is a sample day:

Strength Workout-

Deadlift 6 x 6 with 15 table top sit ups after each set.  Join the endurance group once complete.

Endurance Workout-

As many rounds as you can in 35:00

-run a 200

-30 box step ups

-25 DB Snatches

-30 Bicycle crunches

-25 DB Snatches

-30 Plank taps

-25 DB Snatches

-30 V Ups

At 5:47 bring everyone back together for a 5:00 AB Workout and then finish with a 3:00 KnockOut Round!

Everything would be demonstrated and explained before the workouts begin and Coach Tasha would migrate to the areas that need most coaching!


Join us Today!

Session 2 - Litchfield Ring The Bell Fitness

Session 2 - Litchfield Ring The Bell Fitness

We will use the weightroom, gym, track and hallways to bring you dynamic workouts that can be modified for adult athletes of all ages and ability levels!

Litchfield RTB will be the 18th fitness community in our family, the goal has and always will be to build affordable fitness communities for adults of all ages and ability levels that are exciting, challenging and ever changing.  Come and grow with us, in the meantime, take a look at some of our other sites, find us on FaceBook and start to put your goals in motion!


Meet Head Coach Tasha Koll

Session 2 - Litchfield Ring The Bell Fitness

Meet Head Coach Tasha Koll

1)  What are your favorite naughty foods?

Ice cream and pizza!

2)  What do you enjoy most about coaching? 

I love fitness, and I love building relationships! Coaching allows me to do both of those things together! I also love that fitness brings mind, body, and spirit together. Being a coach allows me to help people live a happier life in more than one area of their lives. 

3) What are 2-3 fitness goals you are currently working on?

I want to be able to crank out pull-ups with ease.

I want to continue getting stronger all over. I love seeing new muscles emerge, especially in my core!

4)  What equipment/space would you love to have for your athletes? 

My top three would be rowing machines, battle ropes, and wall/slam balls. 

5)  Describe the feeling you get after completing a difficult workout?

I feel pride, satisfaction, and gratitude. I'm proud that I was able to mentally withstand the difficulty of the workout. I'm satisfied that my body is yelling at me, "GOOD JOB!" And I'm especially grateful that I have the opportunity to push myself and get better!