Welcome to TCU Ring The Bell Fitness Community!

Session 2 Is Live - Join anytime!


Workouts will be held at the TCU High school weightroom, gym and hallways.  RTB Fitness is built for adult athletes of all ages and ability levels and we can modify all movements to meet your needs.  Our workouts are a blend of weight lifting, cardio, CORE focused movements.  Each day is unique, we use tons of variety to keep athletes engaged and our pace is fast.  

Session 2 began on January 2nd, 2019 & run for 8 weeks!

Ring The Bell Fitness is for adults of all ages and ability levels!


You have a unique opportunity right now, you can be a building block of the TCU Ring The Bell Fitness Community and help us launch this amazing tribe for residents of the TCU community.  All you have to do is bring your goals, a willingness to bust your butt everyday and a positive mindset to take on all of our challenges!  Each day you will get workout options, pick the one that is most beneficial for you.  

Here is a sample day:

Strength Workout-

Deadlift 6 x 6 with 15 table top sit ups after each set.  Join the endurance group once complete.

Endurance Workout-

As many rounds as you can in 35:00

-run a 200

-30 box step ups

-25 DB Snatches

-30 Bicycle crunches

-25 DB Snatches

-30 Plank taps

-25 DB Snatches

-30 V Ups

Everything would be demonstrated and explained before the workouts begin and the Head Coach would migrate to the areas that need most coaching!

Head Coach- Andrew Meier